Chiropractic Care Is Helping To Reduce Opioid Prescriptions

The opioid crisis is in the news constantly. I have several posts here which discuss what is considered the unofficial genesis  of the problem as well as the various lawsuits and other news. A study I missed earlier this year

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Don’t expect to live longer because of your Osteoporosis Drug

Don’t expect to live longer because of your Osteoporosis Drug, is basically the findings of a new study on mortality rates and osteoporosis drug use. This study was a review of previsous published studies on the use of ostoporosis medications

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Inflammation During Adolescence Connected to Early Death

A recent study has found inflammation during adolescence connected to early death. I should say, may be associated with early death from cancer and cardiovascular disease. One study isn’t enough to prove a connection but to highlight an association, further

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Massive Opioid Ruling

  This week in Oklahoma a judge ordered Johnson and Johnson to pay $572 million to the state for it’s role in the opioid crisis. The judge had found that Johnson & Johnson and it’s subsidiaries where guilty in fueling

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Wearable Health?

Have you been to the Museum of Science and Industry lately? My family goes several times a year and we have been doing that since our oldest two kids were about 5 years old. It is a great museum for

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An NSAID a Day May Harm Your Heart

A large scale study was recently published which investigated the role non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) have in contributing to cardiovascular disease in patients with osteoarthritis (OA.)  Previous studies have found a connection exists between NSAID’s and cardiovascular disease but this

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Opioids are not a good option to treat a migraine

I was reading this article that was about opioids and learned something that makes a lot of sense, opioids are not a good option to treat a migraine. In fact studies have found a relationship between taking opioids for a

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Drug With Digital Tracking Got FDA Approval?

I don’t know what is more troubling here, a drug with a digital tracking device or that the FDA approved it with limited evidence. In 2017 a drug with digital tracking got FDA approval to be sold to the public.

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This Drug Will Worsen Your Arthritis

  This drug will worsen your arthritis, this isn’t a click-bait title if the research shows it is true, right? So recent studies of this drug Tanezumab shows some effectiveness in reducing pain related to osteoarthritis in the knee but

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Avoid Living in a Nursing Home

In many of the talks I give on health I almost always ask the audience this question; who would be excited to live to 92? Almost always the majority of the audience isn’t sure they want to live to 92.

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