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Increase in Brain Blood Flow Due to Spine Care

  There is more to what we do than just treating spine pain and there is a greater impact on your health, beyond pain relief, that our care may provide. In this blog I have pointed out the research that

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Opioids Are Not Much Better for Chronic Pain as a Placebo

Opioids are likely going to be in the news for a long time to come and the news is never good. A recent study found that opioids are not much better for chronic pain as a placebo. I have written

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A Concern for Patients Taking A Prescription Blood Thinner

Results from the RE-LY study finds a concern for patients taking a prescription blood thinner. The RE-LY study is the Randomized Evaluation of Long Term Anticoagulant Therapy, as the name suggests a study on the long term affects of taking

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NSAIDs Increase the Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

Osteoarthritis is the term we use to describe degenerative joint disease. This is due to a breakdown of the tissue surrounding a joint due to increased loading. When a joint is abnormally loaded for a prolonged period of time the

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Tylenol Use Alters Sex Hormones and May Cause Birth Defects

Today it is typically understood that when a woman is pregnant they should not take an NSAID such as Advil for pain because it has been found to increase the risks of miscarriage and malformations throughout pregnancy. Instead women are

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Taking Opioids Increases the Risks for a Serious Infection

By now we are all learning that opioids are not drugs to be taken lightly. There are potential serious negative health effects that come with taking these strong pain killers. They really only should be reserved for cancer related chronic

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Neck Curve and Neck Pain

  A major component of the care we provide is a detailed examination of your posture and the structure of your spine. We measure the curves of your spine and compare it to normal values to help determine what influence

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Low T Linked to Ibuprofen Use

Have you heart these commercials about “Low T?” The first time I heard one several years ago I was taken aback now they are commonplace and I think we all understand that there is an issue with low testosterone that

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Life Expectancy Decreases

Did you see this news? For the second year in a row the life expectancy decreases largely due to opioid related overdose deaths. I did a little further digging and found that last year’s announcement of a drop in life

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Even Short Term Oral Steroids Carry Serious Risk

Surprise! That Drug we Thought was Safe, isn’t. New research shows that even short term oral steroids carry serious risk which may outweigh their reward. Oral steroids are most commonly used to treat inflammation related to upper respiratory tract infection,

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