Dieting to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes


Diabetes is a serious problem in America today, according to the CDC more than 100 million Americans are currently living with diabetes or prediabetes. Of that 90-95% of the people with diabetes have Type 2. It has been well known in the healthcare community that dieting to reverse type 2 diabetes is very possible. A new report found that this dieting doesn’t have to be drastic to reverse type 2 diabetes. Even before I read this study I have been thinking a lot about this lately because politicians running for office keep using diabetes medications cost as an issue for changing our healthcare system. While I agree that drug costs are far too high it doesn’t sit right with me to use diabetes drugs as a call to nationalize healthcare. This is because most people with type 2 diabetes could eliminate their drug costs by managing their diet better, not just to manage their diabetes but to REVERSE it.

A relatively modest amount of weight loss within the first year of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes more than doubles the likelihood that patients will be in remission at 5 years, compared with those whose weight remains stable or who gain weight, a new study from the UK indicates. The researchers found that 10% weight loss was enough to induce remission in many cases. A number of prior studies have shown that type 2 diabetes can be reversed using extremely low calorie diets of under 1000 calories/day for up to a few months. In this new study, though, the authors found type 2 diabetes remission was achieved without the need for extreme calorie restrictions or intensive lifestyle intervention. These results “suggest that patients can take advantage of a range of approaches to help them lose weight since there were no specific dietary or physical activity instructions for participants to achieve a 10% or greater loss in body weight,” the study notes.

Basically, in this study the participants were not given specific instructions to loose weight. They did a variety of different things and as long as they lost about 10% of their weight within the first year of their diagnosis they were likely to be in remission at 5 years. To be successful it is important to treat patients with type 2 diabetes with substantial weight loss as soon as possible after diagnosis. The previous studies suggest, the more weight a patient can lose, the greater the likelihood they will successfully achieve remission. It seems the key is to loose at least 10% within the first year and keep that momentum going.

So did you know that we can reverse type 2 diabetes with diet alone? Many people don’t because their primary care doctor doesn’t have the time to teach you how. Plus I have read medical news commentary articles where they generally say they don’t believe we will actually adhere to a dietary plan and it is just easier to give us pills or a shot. These opinion pieces aren’t wrong Americans constantly want a quick fix, managing diet isn’t that. Although a growing number of Americans are getting tired of being drugged up when there are better options out there, like just loosing a little weight.

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