Low Testosterone Associated with Low Vitamin D


I hear commercials for medication or natural remedies for low testosterone all the time so it is easy to believe this is all hype and no substance. In reality low testosterone is a real deal thing, it is common that men over 30 have a decline in testosterone. How much of a decline could be related to something more than just a natural decline with aging. Recent findings at the American Urological Association annual meeting indicate that there is a significant association between low vitamin D levels and low testosterone.

If you have been reading our blog for a while you may note that we have written a lot on vitamin D this is because vitamin D is a very important vitamin for our bodies to function. If you are new, you might be thinking that vitamin D was important for bone health and while that is true researchers have found vitamin D deficiency is connected to far more conditions than low bone density. I find these recent findings important because low testosterone is a growing problem with men as they age and the fix may be as simple as upping your vitamin D intake.

Vitamin D levels can be tested by a blood test and if you doctor isn’t already testing for it regularly you can ask him or her to add it and they most likely will. I have never had a doctor deny adding an extra analysis in a blood test. I take 2500 IU of vitamin D3 along with getting outside to for some time in the sun because our bodies produce vitamin D in the presence of sunlight. 2500 IU is substantially higher than the recommended amount but the recommended amount is not exactly based on the best science on vitamin D so if you are uncomfortable with that amount try  1000 IU instead.

Next time you hear a commercial for Low T I hope it reminds you to take your vitamin D because that might do more good for you than whatever treatment you are being sold.

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