Spinal Rehabilitation


Regenerative Spinal Therapies

CBP® (Chiropractic BioPhysics) is the most researched form of spinal rehabilitation chiropractic care in the world.

The team of researchers who study the CBP rehabilitation methods include; DC’s, MD’s, PT’s, mathematicians, engineers, and various other PhD’s. This team has thoroughly studied all aspects of CBP methods including reliability, validity, and consistency of spinal correction. These researchers have not only found CBP methods to be valid but that CBP methods are consistent and provide predicable results. This means when clinicians utilize CBP methods in practice, the way it is taught, we can be confident of achieving results with our patients. This translates to being able to offer you the best spine care possible.

Comprehensive Evaluation

At the core of our methods is doing a comprehensive evaluation of each person who enters our office. This unfortunately includes having our patients fill out paperwork but this is a vital first step in us learning you, your health, and your goals. To expand upon what you fill out we sit down for a discussion on your health and what specifically brought you into our office. We wrap this up with a through examination including an evaluation of your posture and movement as well as taking spinal radiographs (X-ray’s.) Spinal radiography can help detect fractures, tumors, arthritis, scoliosis, infection, spinal defects, and deformities in the curves of your spine which can lead to the breakdown of tissues causing dysfunction, pain, and decreased organ health. The restoration of normal structure can lead to normalized bodily function.

Tailored Treatment Plans

We work to analyze the data generated from your paperwork, our consultation, examination, and radiographs  to determine the most appropriate course of care to address your ailments, condition, and health goals. The recommendations we make are personal and customized to address your specific needs.

State of the Art Care

We utilize advanced technologies to help you achieve your peak results. These technologies have numerous published literature to justify their use in a spinal rehabilitation program. To improve strength and stability we make use of Power Plate’s whole body vibration platforms. We also use machines to strengthen the body with isometric and eccentric exercises. To restore the structure of the spine we utilize the same traction tables and equipment that is used in the CBP research studies.

Proven, Measurable Results

After you complete your treatment plan, a complete re-evaluation and follow-up evaluation is performed. Every patient is assessed with clinical outcome measures which demonstrate results. Spinal, structural rehabilitation is measured by comparing the initial spinal radiographs to a follow-up series. Since our methods are accurate, effective, and reliable we see improvement in the structure of the spine at every follow-up evaluation. If you are looking for proven, reliable spine care look no further than our CBP trained doctors.

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