Stephen Hawking’s Obesity PSA


Did you see this Stephen Hawking’s Obesity PSA which was released in November? I know it sounds like an article from the Onion but world renowned physicist Stephen Hawking really did release a public service announcement on the obesity epidemic.  It was produced by GEN-PEP which is a non-profit organization initiated by the Swedish Crown Princess and her husband. The aim of GEN-PEP is to influence the lives of children and young people by working with people and organizations to spread knowledge about healthy living. Stephen Hawking offers an interesting perspective on obesity as someone who has limited physical activity due to ALS. Stephen Hawking states ” how being sedentary has become a major health problem is beyond my understanding.”

Stephen Hawking is very matter of fact in his PSA a few of his memorable quotes include “we eat too much and move too little” as well as “Fortunately the solution is simple: More physical activity and change in diet,” Hawking said, adding, “It’s not rocket science.” I think the uniqueness of the messenger is part of the allure of this PSA, we think of Hawking as this giant intellect when he speaks many people pay attention. What he says here is not entirely unique or different, in fact what he says is very basic and flies in the face of many people who would try to tell you to be comfortable being you, even if that you is obese.

Don’t get sucked into the idea that being obese is healthy because all the evidence says that it’s not.  Obesity is a problem for our society and more importantly for your health and well being. Take heed of the message by Stephen Hawking.

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