Strong Muscles Means Better Health

over 60 strength training

We have long been told that physical fitness is important for our health. Data from the famous Nurses Study long ago found that walking 30 min a day has a significant, positive, impact on our health. It is not hard to understand that strong muscles improve our ability to function on a daily basis. What might not be easy to understand is that strong muscles means better health as well. Just like doing cardiovascular exercise is important for our health strength training also impacts our overall health. According to a new study higher muscular strength is associated with a lower risk for death from all causes.

The term used in the study is all-cause mortality independent of aerobic fitness. This means the authors found a decreased risk for death from all causes including cardiovascular disease, cancer and, infection to name a few, that was independent on the study participants aerobic fitness. The author of this study examined the health of women ages 63-99. While you might look at that data and assume it doesn’t apply to you if you are a women younger than 63, please don’t. It is better to start and keep to a well rounded exercise program when you are younger than try to start and keep to it as you age.

This is great news because it shows by doing something as simple as strength training you can reduce your risk for death as you age. On top of that strength training will have a huge impact on your quality of life in terms of how you will be able to move and function as your age. Strong muscles means better health not just less back pain or better quality of movement. If you are struggling to add an effective strength training program to you exercise routine we can help. We offer an effective and efficient way to do strength training. Give us a call if you want to see this program first hand and discover if it is right for you.

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