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Long Term Safety of Artificial Sweeteners for Children is Unclear

A recently published statement by the AAP has found that the long term safety of artificial sweeteners for children is unclear. The American Academy of Pediatricians says there is insufficient evidence about the long-term safety of artificial sweeteners in children

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Fractures Due to Osteoporosis Continue to be a Big Problem

A new report by the National Osteoprosis Foundation finds that fractures due to osteoporosis continue to be a big problem for the life and health of Americans. Data from the report shows s many as 2 million Medicare beneficiaries sustained

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Wearable Health?

Have you been to the Museum of Science and Industry lately? My family goes several times a year and we have been doing that since our oldest two kids were about 5 years old. It is a great museum for

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Avoid Living in a Nursing Home

In many of the talks I give on health I almost always ask the audience this question; who would be excited to live to 92? Almost always the majority of the audience isn’t sure they want to live to 92.

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Stephen Hawking’s Obesity PSA

  Did you see this Stephen Hawking’s Obesity PSA which was released in November? I know it sounds like an article from the Onion but world renowned physicist Stephen Hawking really did release a public service announcement on the obesity

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What are you doing to Improve your health?

What are you doing to improve your health? This is a question we all need to be constantly asking and re-evaluating for ourselves. Many of the illness and death we see in the United States are from causes that are modifiable

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Ability to sit and rise from the floor may predict your lifespan

The ability to sit and rise from the floor may predict your lifespan according to some recent research published in the past year. I was first made aware of this in August at a seminar I attended and was intrigued

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Healthy New Year

  Did you start the new year with new goals for your health?  If so what are you planning on doing to have a healthy new year in 2014?  If you get our newsletter we had a few suggestions there

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