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Treatment For Whiplash Injuries

Our practice is in the suburbs of Chicago. Today, Monday November 11th, 2019 we had a major snowfall. Surprisingly not the first snowfall we’ve had this fall/winter but probably the most significant snowfall thus far. This got me thinking that

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Sleep Apnea Is Associated with Forward Head Posture

According to a 2016 study, sleep apnea is associated with forward head posture. I do a talk on sleep and every once in a while I like to look for relevant studies on sleep issues including sleep apnea. This study

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Increase in Brain Blood Flow Due to Spine Care

  There is more to what we do than just treating spine pain and there is a greater impact on your health, beyond pain relief, that our care may provide. In this blog I have pointed out the research that

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Neck Curve is Related to Neck Pain

Guess what? Your neck curve is related to neck pain. I can show you a number of papers to support this but today I want to focus on one paper that was just published in the journal Aerospace Medicine and

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