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Tylenol Use Alters Sex Hormones and May Cause Birth Defects

Today it is typically understood that when a woman is pregnant they should not take an NSAID such as Advil for pain because it has been found to increase the risks of miscarriage and malformations throughout pregnancy. Instead women are

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Taking an NSAID Increases Your Risk for a Heart Attack

New research shows taking an NSAID increases your risk for a heart attack. Actually the study shows an increased risk as soon as the first week of taking an NSAID. The study also found the risk increased with taking a

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Risk for a Brain Bleed in Antidepressant Users

Antidepressants are a very commonly prescribed drug; approximately 1 in 10 Americans use it and in women aged 40-50 the rate is 1 in 4.  The number of people on antidepressants has skyrocketed over the past 10 years due to

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