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Whole Body Vibration Improves Bone Density

I have not written on osteoporosis and bone density in some time. Today I went diving into the literature and found this gem of a study published in August of 2018. The authors concluded that whole body vibration improves bone

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Osteoporosis Month 2015

This May is Osteoporosis Month 2015. The National Osteoporosis Foundation is the main sponsor of National Osteoporosis Month and is a member of the International Osteoporosis Foundation. Both have great resources for learning about osteoporosis, it’s risks, treatment, and steps

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Innovative Technologies to Reduce Fall Risk

As we age there are many things that tend to happen to our health and well being, one of these is worsening balance. As our balance worsens the risk to suffer a fall which can then result in a fracture,

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Osteoporosis Awareness Month 2014; part 3

  The best way to reduce your risk for osteoporosis is to make healthy lifestyle choices. Those choices can be easy for some and hard for others, this all depends on what you have to “give up” in order to

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Vibration Exercise to Improve Balance

One thing we do with BStrong4Life is to use vibration exercise to improve balance. While our primary focus is on building muscular and bone strength, improving balance is intertwined in the BStrong4Life program. There is no current published research on

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bioDensity Bone Density Study

In the December 2013 the developers of bioDensity presented a paper at the International Osteoporosis Foundation Regional 4th Asia-Pacific Osteoporosis Meeting. This Paper was the findings of a small study the bioDensity developers did to look at the influence bioDensity

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Whole Body Vibration and Bone Density

The BStrong4Life system is very effective in improving bone mineral density of the people who use it. While there is no published data, yet, regarding BStrong4Life specifically there is data on some of the parts of of the whole. This

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BStrong4Life July 2013 Update

BStrong4Life has proven to be an effective program to help us improve the health and well being of our patients.  We recently upgraded and aded to the BStrong4Life program in our office.  This month we upgraded our version 3 bioDensity

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