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Get Your Vitamin D

WOW, we just had a great weekend for weather in the Chicago-land area which reminds me that it is time for my annual vitamin D reminder so here it is; be sure to GET YOUR VITAMIN D! If your check

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Low Testosterone Associated with Low Vitamin D

I hear commercials for medication or natural remedies for low testosterone all the time so it is easy to believe this is all hype and no substance. In reality low testosterone is a real deal thing, it is common that

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Vitamin D Deficiency Predicts Cognitive Decline

The findings of a recent study published in the journal Neurology indicate that vitamin D deficiency predicts cognitive decline. The evidence that Vitamin D is important for our health is overwhelming. Those who still deny Vitamin D supplementation is important

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Vitamin D Deficiency and the Progression of Multiple Sclerosis

According to a new study Vitamin D deficiency and the progression of Multiple Sclerosis is linked. The study, published here in JAMA Neurology, is from January 20, 2014. The authors note that past studies have shown a relationship between MS

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