Wearable Health?

Have you been to the Museum of Science and Industry lately? My family goes several times a year and we have been doing that since our oldest two kids were about 5 years old. It is a great museum for all ages with all the hands-on experiences scattered throughout the museum. We were last there on Tuesday August 13th this year. We visited the exhibited titled wired to wear.

This exhibit was really neat, as many of MSI’s exhibit’s are. In it was as lot of wearable tech. My kids got to test out these shoulder pads which have sensors on them which signal the wearer when something gets too close to them or they get to close to something. It is for people with no or impaired vision ideally. There were also a lot of other wearable tech for health and wellness.

It got me thinking about how far and fast technology has advanced. It has only been since the late 1970’s when we had what we would consider today as a personal computer. Today our smart phones are millions of times faster than NASA’s supercomputers of the 1960’s. That is a huge number to consider. This advance has paved the way for the creation of technology which we can wear and can measure our health.

We have been able to simply measure things like our heart rate and number of steps taken or miles walked. Today, Apple’s watch can do an EKG and send the results to your doctor. This is almost something any patient with a chronic heart problem should consider buying. Perhaps insurance should cover it?  Using the same devices to measure heart rate you can measure heart rate variability which is an indicator of heart health. There are devices than can measure blood glucose, cortisol (stress hormone) levels, and blood alcohol levels through our perspiration.

At MSI there were examples of tech that can do a whole bunch of things. There is a trucker hat that has a device that reads brain waves and signals the wearer, a truck driver, when they are getting tired. I saw a device that can do real time language translation that you wear like a hearing aid. That is some real Sci-Fi stuff. The display had a lot of fun stuff too but it is really fascinating to see how much has been done with technology today.


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