2013 Chiropractic Biophysics Annual Seminar

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I just went to the 2013 Chiropractic Biophysics Annual Seminar which was held in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin this year and it was great.  If you are unaware Chiropractic BioPhysics or CBP is the most researched chiropractic technique on the planet.  The CBP technique is at the core of what we do at Staker Chiropractic. We operate on the knowledge that there is a measurable normal posture and alignment to the human frame. Any deviation from these normals results in an increased risk for spine and joint problems.  Since the early 90’s CBP non-profit has published or has had a hand in helping publish over 150 papers regarding our type of structure based care.  Besides teaching a regular series of seminars CBP has an annual seminar where significant updates and new information is taught. This year was the 35th CBP annual seminar.

Dr. Harrison, son of the founder, presented on research he is doing to publish papers that will help in our analysis of the cervical lordosis or neck curve.  We heard from a chiropractor who practices in Australia who is developing a new way to create a brace that improves a scoliosis. I was introduced to Rocktape a company that makes a brand of kinesiotape and learned about the benefit of using kinesiotape for pain relief, healing, and postural improvement.  I heard some other great speakers but if I listed it all we would be here all day. I also got the chance to meet up with some old friends who I rarely get to see outside of events like these.

I learned a few things I have started to implement as early as Monday morning and others we are going to try to work to utilizing in the near future. CBP has added a lot to what we can offer the people of our community. While spinal adjusting is important and can change lives improving the structure of the spine can offer patients so much more in the long term than spinal adjusting alone can.  Due to CBP we were introduced to Power Plate and subsequently BStrong4Life which goes right together with CBP work. Ultimately I would like you to know, that the care we provide in our office is at the cutting edge of what chiropractic has to offer and is based on solid research that is ever evolving as we understand new things about the human frame.  Perhaps in the future I will write more about the history and basis behind CBP.

Thank you Dr. Deed for all you do.

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