Ability to sit and rise from the floor may predict your lifespan

The ability to sit and rise from the floor may predict your lifespan according to some recent research published in the past year. I was first made aware of this in August at a seminar I attended and was intrigued by what I found on further investigation. This paper published in December 2012 by a group of researchers in Brazil was a multi year study.  These researchers rated 2002 adults aged 51-80 on a scale of 0-5, their ability to sit and then rise from the floor. The researches followed up with the initial 2002 subjects about 6 years after the initial test and found that 159 or around 8% had died.  Their data showed that those 8% had the higher (bad) SRT scores.  These authors concluded that the SRT was a predictor for mortality in people aged 51-80 and by utilize this test in a patient examination healthcare providers could better address a patients overall well being.

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The sitting rising test is rather easy to perform, I learned a lot form here. You should be able to start from standing and sit down without touching yourself or the floor. Additionally you should be able to rise from the floor without using your hands, knees, arms, or shins for help. For each time you use one of these body parts to either sit or stand you loose one point from  your score. If you loose your balance, deduct a half point. You are scored on a total of 5 points for sitting and 5 points for standing. A score of ten is perfect. Watch this video from the researchers of this study for an explanation of the SRT.

The conclusions of this study sound a bit ominous “Musculoskeletal fitness, as assessed by SRT, was a significant predictor of mortality in 51-80-year-old subjects.” It almost sounds like if you score poorly on the SRT we can predict how much longer you have to live, but in reality this gives us an objective measurement to look at your physical functioning. If you score poorly on this test it means your physical functioning is poor and thus your level of health and longevity are going to be worse than your peers.  We already do a different check for physical functioning, a squat. Squat analysis is a good measure of physical functioning, but poor performance has not been linked to poor health as the SRT has in this study.

If your ability to sit and rise from the floor is poor, that does not mean you are going to die soon but it does mean you are in poor health.  This is true even if you “feel” fine.  There are a host of illness and diseases that have little to no symptoms before they kill us, think of the heart attack. Many people who have had a heart attack will tell you they “felt” fine in the days, hours, or minuets leading to the attack but in reality they were unhealthy and had been for a long time. If you have a poor SRT score get in to see us, we can help improve your level of physical functioning through the BStrong4Life.  Do not let another day go by living in poor physical health, give us a call today.

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