bioDensity Bone Density Study

bstrong4lifelogoIn the December 2013 the developers of bioDensity presented a paper at the International Osteoporosis Foundation Regional 4th Asia-Pacific Osteoporosis Meeting. This Paper was the findings of a small study the bioDensity developers did to look at the influence bioDensity has on bone density. The bioDensity Bone Density Study was published in the December 2013 supplemental issue of Osteoporosis International with other metabolic bone diseases, a copy can be found here.

In this paper the authors had 14 women with an average age of 62 through once a week sessions of bioDensity at a 5 second load for each of the Core 4 moves.  The Core4 moves are the seated chest press, seated leg press, core pull, and standing vertical lift. These are isometric moves done against the load cell of the bioDensity unit which measures the force the patient is generating in pounds. To read more about the Core4 see this page. After an average length of 1.02 years there was an average increase in bone mineral density, as measured by DEXA scan of 7.02% in the hip and 7.735 in the spine.  In the paper’s conclusion the authors found that a once a week program resulted in a statistically significant increase in bone mineral density and there were no injuries by the participants. This indicates that bioDensity is safe and effective for increasing strength and bone mineral density.

This is a great paper because it is published evidence of what we have been seeing in our office and other BStrong4Life offices in the country. A system of effective strength training can result in a significant increase in bone mineral density. I do have a few criticisms of this paper that are rather typical of early papers on a newer procedure or device. This study suffers from a really low sample size and there is no randomization of subjects into a control and test group. Ideally I would have liked to see 60 women randomized into two groups of 30, with half undergoing traditional osteoporosis care as a control and 30 undergoing bioDensity. That being said, research is terribly difficult to do and can be very costly in time and money spent. This paper, despite its shortcomings, is a start that can be built upon as interest increases. I know for a fact that the developer of BStrong4Life has been working on publishing a paper that does include 60 subjects, with a test and control group.

As I mentioned, this is a great paper because it is the start of the published evidence that backs up what we see in our clinic. BStrong4Life, which has at its core the bioDensity unit, can build strength and bone density.  In fact some of the numbers we see are double what this paper has, there are a few people who have had increases in  bone density of 14%. These numbers far outpace the average for medications with the benefit of little to no complications or side effects.

If you would like to know more, give us a call, we are always willing to talk to you or even have you in our office to show you what BStrong4Life consists of.

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