BStrong4Life July 2013 Update

BStrong4Life has proven to be an effective program to help us improve the health and well being of our patients.  We recently upgraded and aded to the BStrong4Life program in our office.  This month we upgraded our version 3 bioDensity unity to the V.4. We added a whole new device called the reACT trainer, and a new unit to use on the power plates called the posture rack.

bioDensity V.4

Our V.3 had the chair separated from the vertical lift bar with the computer in a separate kiosk.  The V.4 has all components attached to the same frame so it is more bioDensity V.4compact and takes up less square footage. Additionally it has several modifications to make it more effective.  The developer of BStrong4Life modified the chair, foot plate, and vertical lift bar to be able to make it more effective for building strength, improving posture, and bone health. At the time that I am writing this we do not have these modifications but they should arrive towards the end of the July.



The reAct trainer is an eccentric trainer to improve strength and stability.  There are three phases of movement of muscles and tendons; isometric, concentric, and eccentric. Isometric activity is what the bioDensity unit is all about.  We generate a force with our muscles but do not move a joint through a complete range of motion.  Concentric activity is best described as the phase of movement when you lift a dumbbell from rest to your shoulders during an arm curl, your muscles contract to move a weight through a range of motion.  Eccentric can be described as the motion when the dumbbell pulls your arm back towards the resting position, your muscles are in contraction but are lengthening not shortening.  The addition of the reACT allows us to do more for training and rehabilitating lower extremities, improving balance, and core stability while not dramatically increasing time.

Posture Rack

Finally we are getting the posture rack, a device designed by the developer of BStrong4Life to be used with the Power Plate.  Like it’s name it is basically a rack that sits on top of the Power Plate that allows us to do some upper body work and get the benefit from the vibration platform.  We can practice some Isometric training on it, adjust using it, do some distraction stretching with it. There are a number of ways it can help us improve the health of our patients.

July turned out to be a big month for us at Staker Chiropractic.  Give us a call to tour our office see for yourself our innovative and unique technology and procedure.

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