Chiropractic Founders Day


September 18 is commonly refereed to as Chiropractic founders day with the week around it called founders week at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Founder’s day is a sort of birthday for the Chiropractic profession.  It is the day we commemorate the first chiropractic adjustment given to Harvey Lillard by D.D. Palmer in 1895.  I started a series on the history of Chiropractic, the first post was over a month ago.  In that post I discussed the history of D.D. Palmer and this first adjustment of Harvey Lillard. If you are curious to read about this event scroll over to that post and give it a read.Mabel Heath Palmer

The other two big names we associate with founders day are B.J. Palmer and his wife Mabel Heath Palmer, both were Chiropractors and educators at Palmer College of Chiropractic.  B.J. Palmer is refereed to as the developer of chiropractic because he took the beginnings of the profession from his father and dramatically expanded the profession.  His wife was one of the early anatomy professors at Palmer College and authored a text on human anatomy in the early 1920’s.

As with any birthday, founders day is a big week for our profession.  We feel honored to serve our patients and very thankful for the pioneers that started, established and built chiropractic over the past 118 years.  Without these visionaries we would not be able of offer the best spine care the world has ever known. With the way healthcare is going I honestly believe that one day chiropractic will be the dominant spine care profession in the country.B.J. Palmer

To commemorate Founders Day I am giving all readers of the blog a one day only offer. If you come in on September 18, 2013 and mention you read this blog post on founders day and can name the first chiropractor and his first patient you will receive your care that day for free.  This includes any current patients, past patients, or patients new to our office. If you are new to our office you will get a free consultation, examination, and any necessary x-rays if you can give a correct answer to my question.

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