Getting Back To It!

Been a long time since we’ve been posting here. COVID-19 has us posting more on FB but I’m ready to be back and post here regularly. Additionally we had a fun hiccup in getting back into it. It looks like it’s been a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGGG time since we posted last, 5 years. Well that’s not quite right.

Basically there was a problem with our website data. We had to do a restore from a backup, BUT, the last backup for the website was 2015. So it looks like our last posts were from 2015 but if you have been following us for the past several years you know that is incorrect.

I am not going to try to re-create all the content that was lost. I don’t remember half of it. Instead we are going to create new content. Maybe even do more video content.

Excited to get back to this blog.


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