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Did you start the new year with new goals for your health?  If so what are you planning on doing to have a healthy new year in 2014?  If you get our newsletter we had a few suggestions there that I think are good enough to mention again.

1.) Drink Water.  Water is fundamentally important for our bodies to function properly. A person can survive 3 weeks without food but a person can survive only 3 days without water.  Drinking sugary drinks like soda or even juice are not good substitutes for water. Sugary drinks are calorie rich and can do more harm for us than good in the long run. This year make water your go to beverage of choice and make pop a once in a while treat.

2.) Get Active.  You hear it every year, or even every day of every year; exercise. Good physical health is very important for your overall health.  Brazilian researchers published a study last year which concluded that the worse you can stand then sit and stand again the shorter your lifespan will be.  Take a look at this video for the test they did on their subjects. I am a strong proponent of an exercise program that includes both cardio and strength training. If exercise is not “your thing” at least get active.  Find an activity that is fun and physically challenging and do that if you do not want to go to the gym.  I would be happy to help you discover an exercise program that meets your needs.

3.)  Eat in more. I find that the key to eating healthy is to eat at home often.  Eating in includes meal planning and preparation that keeps you in control of what you eat. When you are in control of the whole process you can pick healthy food options and prepare meals that are healthy for you and your family.  I recommend utilizing local farms as your source for meat and poultry.  If you are looking for a local farm to get your meat and eggs from, through a rock, you will hit someone you know with an opinion.  We have gotten meat from Meadow Haven Farms in Sheffield IL but there are many more you can find in Illinois by looking at the local harvest website. In the summer we have a great french market in Geneva where you can get local and regional produce.

4.) Get your Vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for more than just bone health.  Studies have found that Vitamin D deficiency is linked to a host of health related issues. During the summer months get a safe amount of sun exposure to allow your body to produce an adequate amount of vitamin D each day. During the winter months supplement with Vitamin D3.  I take 5000 IU a day during the winter, this is a safe amount by everyone standards but far above the recommended amount.

5.) Get Adjusted.  Of course this one is here, we are chiropractors.  Chiropractic care can have a very positive influence of your health.  Chiropractic can can reduce your aches and pains which helps you live a healthy active lifestyle but it can also help your body function at its bests level.

This is not exactly a complete list of  things to do to live a healthy life in 2014 but 5 of the most important steps you can take.


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