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I was watching the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and was exposed to something completely new to me, kinesio tape.  You probably saw it first when I saw it first, women’s beach volleyball.  The USA team of Kerri Walsh and Misty May were wearing this odd looking colored tape on various joints of their body. That tape was kinesio tape and it is not as new as you think. Today the tape is all over, we saw it in the 2012 Olympics, professional sports, and even on the PGA and LPGA tour.Kinesio Tape Volleyball Players

Kinesio tape was developed almost 30 years ago by Dr. Kenzo Kase,a chiropractor. This tape is completely unlike athletic tape in its look, feel, application, and purpose. Athletic taping it typically done to support a joint by partially immobilizing it.  In high school I had an ankle injury and got my ankle taped every day before practice and games so it was supported and I did not re-injure it. The purpose of Kineso tape is to facilitate healing while providing support and stability to muscles and joints without limiting range of motion. kinesio tape additionally helps to provide a prolonged benefit to in office manual therapy and can inhibit the transmission of pain to the brain acting as a pain reliever. The function of kineso tape is to increase the space between tissues beneath the skin, this increase in space changes the fluid dynamic between the layers of tissue. This change in fluid dynamics results in decreased inflammation, improved lymphatic drainage, and the aforementioned pain relief. A recent study on the effects of kineso tape found that it was just as effective for decreasing pain, improving function, increasing muscular strength, and improving quality of life as electrical stimulation. Kineso taping can help reduce the inflammation associated with bruising after a fall or accident. We can also use this tape to support and relieve pain associated with pregnancy by a specific taping procedure.

While I was initially intrigued by kineso tape in 2008 it was not until this August that I learned more about it and decided to start using it on myself and a select few patients. I have seen some really neat results in the past month, enough that I have decided to start carrying it and using it on patients when appropriate. The first patient I used it on in the office had a tendonitis of the elbow and immediately he noticed a decrease in pain and his ability to perform the chest press part of the BStrong4Life Core4 greatly increased. On Tuesday of this week I some tape and a topical pain relieving gel on a patient who had severe back pain he noted increased support to his lower back which allowed him to function better even with the pain he was still experiencing. I am still a novice in Kinesio taping but the brand that we carry (RockTape) is very good at education, every box of tape has a description of about 15 different taping techniques plus their website is filled with instructional videos that are Free. Rock Tape makes tape in a number of different colors and designs, in the future we might even carry tape with our office logo on it. Tape

I am announcing that Staker Family Chiropractic is now proudly carrying and utilizing RockTape kinesio tape in our clinic.  If you would like to learn more about kinesio tape let me know, I would be happy to talk to you about the benefits.

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