Our Services

Our Services

At Staker Chiropractic Life Center we always put our patients first by creating an environment open to working with you to help you achieve your wellness goals.   We incorporate a state of the art computer posture assessment with tried and true examination procedures to determine  the cause of your problem.  To treat you we combine effective traditional chiropractic care with an innovative and balanced approach to not just temporarily remove your pain, but also restore your spine to a more stable and healthier position.  The services we offer are all optional, our patients have the right to choose the care that they want from the options we think will benefit them.

Chiropractic Relief Care

Relief care is a necessary and the basic component of care in our office.  This is aimed at reducing your level of pain and restoring some level of functioning.  We utilize chiropractic adjustments with stretching and strengthening exercises on our power plate whole body vibration platforms.  This combined approach restores joint motion to the spine while producing greater flexibility and support to the surrounding muscles.  Ours is one the few chiropractic offices in the nation utilizing the power plate in a rehabilitation setting.

Chiropractic Rebuilding Care

Rebuilding care is what sets us apart from other chiropractors in the Fox Valley.  Like orthodontists who use braces to straighten teeth, or surgeons who use plates and screws to fix spines, we use a personalized rehabilitation program to restore your spine and posture to a more normal and upright position.  This re-alignment reduces the stress on the joints, discs, muscles, ligaments, and nervous system that are all contributing to your problem. To hear from some of our patients and see their results browse to our testimonials page.  Our rebuilding care is based on some of the most recent research in human spinal biomechanics.

Family Care

For over forty years Dr. Staker has placed care of the entire family at heart of his practice.  Dr. Staker has cared for just as many pregnant women and children as he has adults.  Women with low back pain related to pregnancy have no other real options for care, but chiropractic.  Dr. Staker has effectively treated spinal aches and pains, ear infections, infantile colic, and many other childhood conditions.


BStrong4Life is a revolutionary system aimed at improving whole body strength and bone density in a once a week program.  BStrong4Life incorporates a few simple exercises on the powerplate with 4 resistance isometric exercise on our BioDensity unit.  Isometric strength training is the oldest form of resistance training. With isometrics, and more specifically biodensity, your body is creating the load against a load cell instead of you loading your body with free weights or a weight machine.  This allows you to safely, maximally load your muscles and bones to stimulate increased strength and bone density.  The BStrong4Life program has made a huge improvement in our patients lives in as little as 3 months use.  With BStrong4Life we can help create a more stable and stronger you. Find out more at geneva.bstrong4life.com

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