Smartphone Use Tied to Poor Posture

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It really has been wild how fast the use of smartphones have grown. While there were other attempts at adding a phone to the PDA’s of yesteryear it was the first IPhone in 2007 that was the first successful smartphone on the market.  In just 7 years smartphones went from a toy for computer geek’s to a must have tool for just about everyone under 80 years of age. What is a bit unexpected, but not unexpected by us, is the evidence of smartphone use tied to poor posture. In 2012 CBS posted this article which includes a quote from an orthopedic surgeon who is seeing an increase in posture-related issues, which he attributes to the use of smartphones. The thing is, it is difficult to establish a connection between smartphones and posture on observation alone. As I like to say, In God I trust all others bring evidence. Along comes this paper, Assessment of stresses in the cervical spine caused by posture and position of the head; published in Surgical Technology International November 2014. The author was quoted in this CBS article saying this:

“The weight seen by the spine dramatically increases when flexing the head forward at varying degrees,” write the authors in the study. “Loss of the natural curve of the cervical spine leads to incrementally increased stresses about the cervical spine. These stresses may lead to early wear, tear, degeneration and possibly surgeries.”

If you read this blog much you will notice we are big on posture because there is strong evidence that associates poor posture with spine related conditions and poor health. In fact many of the papers I have read, including surgical and non-chiropractic studies, all indicate that improving posture should be an outcome in treating patients with spine condition. In a recent post here I mention a number of papers that conclude that improving posture is important for improving longevity and quality of life as we age. The importance we place on posture correction is not misplaced, improving your posture is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

We have over 100 hours of postgraduate education regarding posture and posture correction procedures. Since 2006 we have had great success with improving strength, flexibility, balance and restoring posture. Browse over to our success stories page to see a few before and after care cases. If you want to look into your posture, how it fares compared to normal, and if you should do something to restore it; you should give us a call. We offer free consultations which include a brief discussion on your concerns about your health and how we might be able to help. If you are wondering what to do with your smartphone, use it with upright, good posture. You might look a little odd, but better look odd than engage in a behavior than can lead to poor health.

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