Success Stories

Below are some success stories demonstrating the relief we’ve brought to our patients.

Kathy, DeKalb

Kathy came to us with a tingling sensation in her right forearm.  She was just finishing up college and was noticing this sensation frequently, it was affecting her sleep, school, and work.  On her initial visit we noticed she had some tenderness in her neck and a forward head posture.  Our initial x-rays showed 36mm of forward head posture, which we thought could be stressing the nerves that go to the arm and thus create the symptoms.  We treated her for a total of 36 visits with a combination of adjustments and spinal rehab care.  Over the course of this time the frequency and duration of the sensation diminished to nothing.   As you can see in the pre-care film (left image) she has the 36mm of forward head posture seen as the green line or normal curve is well behind her spine, (the red broken line.)  After care (right image) the red line is almost entirely in line with the green indicating a better overall spinal alignment.

Kathy Pre-treatment Kathy Post-Treatment


Joe, Elburn

Joe had been a long time patient of Dr. Staker’s before he came in with a re-occurrence of low back pain in 2009.  This pain had been worse this time than the last and he had some pain radiating into his leg this time.  Joe had responded well to care in the past and we knew we could help him, but we decided to do more.  This time we started Joe on spinal rehabilitation care which included spinal stretching and strengthening exercises as well as adjustments.  Over the course of 40 visits we not only saw improvement in his level of pain and improved functioning, but Joe also achieved improved flexibility and spinal alignment.

His pre-care x-ray (below left) shows that his spine (red broken line) is behind where it should ( black solid normal line) be in the lower part and in front of where it should be in the upper part.  In his post-care x-ray (below right) you can see that the red line (Joe’s spine) is now overlapping the normal black line.

Pre-Treatment Film

Pre-Treatment Film

Post Treatment Film

Post Treatment Film

Greg, St. Charles

Greg came to us with severe lower back pain in late 2009.  His pain was having a significant impact on his normal daily activities, including work around the house and grocery shopping.  He had back pain in the past, but usually it went away.  This time it had persisted for several weeks without getting better, that is when he decided to call us.

Our examination revealed some significant tightness in his lower back, which was causing a constant irritation to the joint surfaces in his lumbar spine.   He had weakness in his core muscle groups, abdominals and back muscles, which was not supporting his spine properly.  Our radiographs (x-ray) found a loss of the normal lumbar curve with some degeneration at the last lumbar vertebrae.

We treated Greg through adjusting his spine to restore joint mobility and reduce the irritation.  He also had a series of exercises to do in order to stretch the tight muscles and ligaments around his spine, and eventually we added some that strengthened them as well.  His pain improved greatly in the first 24 visits and by the end of care he had no pain whatsoever in his spine.  His final radiograph showed a big improvement in the curve of his low back.  He started with his spine being forward from where it should be (red dotted is his spine vs the normal black solid line) and ended with his spine being right where it should be.

Pre-treatment Post-treatment

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