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Chronic Low Back Pain contributes to Disability

We know that chronic low back pain contributes to disability, but what has been unclear is by how much. The Global Burden of Disease study published in the journal The Lancent in 2012 found that chronic low back pain is

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Chiropractic care may have an effect on brain function

It has been well understood that chiropractic spinal manipulations have an effect on body functioning including neurological function. The question has been how exactly does this happen. There are studies that have found response in nerve tissue to spinal manipulations

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Osteoporosis related fracture

A recent study found that osteoporosis related fractures are the major cause of hospitalization in older women. This study, published on December 3, 2014 in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, included women who where aged 55 years an older at time of

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Healthy New Year

For the month of January we are bringing back our Gift of Health Certificate to help you encourage your family and friends to have a healthy new year in 2015. For the cost of $50, the bearer of this certificate

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Smartphone Use Tied to Poor Posture

It really has been wild how fast the use of smartphones have grown. While there were other attempts at adding a phone to the PDA’s of yesteryear it was the first IPhone in 2007 that was the first successful smartphone

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Geneva Christmas Walk and House Tour

Yes it is only November but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for your Christmastime events. The Geneva Christmas Walk and House Tour is scheduled for December 5th and 6th this year, dates that will be upon us too

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Recent Studies Call Into Question the Use of Pain Medications

If you follow us on Facebook you have seen several posts recently on pain medications, if you missed it that might be due to you not following us on Facebook which you should do. Several recent studies call into question

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Fusion to realign the neck?

I was recently made aware of a case that was published in the World Journal of Clinical Cases. This case study revolved around a patient who had neck pain with upper limb weakness and tingling/numbness. The patient in this case

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Long Term Cost of a Spinal Fusion

Spinal fusion is a very common procedure today to treat spine and spine related pain and dysfunction. While the field of spinal surgery has come a long way and their advances have resulted in better long term outcomes, one thing

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Spinal Manipulation Plus Exercise Better For Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is a serious condition that many Americans suffer from today. Finding the right treatment that has long term benefits is difficult and in some cases impossible. Today a very common treatment for chronic back pain is giving

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