At Staker Family Chiropractic we work hard every day to meet and exceed our patient’s expectations.  Here are a few testimonials regarding some of our patient’s experiences from today and over the past 40 years.

“I started coming to see Dr. Staker because I was having pain in my right knee and leg with lower back pain.  The pain started after I was doing some consistent lifting, specifically my 2 year old grand child that I babysit regularly.  The pain was  limiting me in being able to watch my grandson. I now no longer have pain in my lower back  and right knee and it is bendable now.  I could not bend my knee for months before I saw Dr. Staker.  I love the drug free approach of chiropractic healthcare it’s the only way to a healthy life.”

Anna, St. Charles

“I have been seeing Dr. Staker off and on for many years.  Most recently I came in because of low back pain and neck pain after I had a liver transplant.  Dr. Staker’s care has greatly helped my back and neck pain. I highly recommend for anyone whose bodies have been operated on and have residual back and neck pain afterwards.  I have always informed my family and specialized doctors how chiropractic has benefited me.”

Julius, Geneva

“I started coming to Dr. Staker in December 2003 because my back suddenly started hurting.  It was worse when I sat for long periods of time; therefore, making sitting in class terrible.  My back pain is a result of an auto accident which occurred four years ago.  Since I have been getting regular back and neck adjustments, I can now sit in class without terrible pain. Dr. Staker is always friendly and always tells me what he’s doing and that makes me not quite as scared.  I found the health class to be very informative and a great introduction to chiropractic care.  The staff is always friendly and helpful!”


“I started coming to Dr. Staker in December 2003, although I had been a patient previously.  I was rear ended by another car at a high speed while I was stopped at a light about two and a half months before I came back in.  This caused me to have constant pain, which kept me from lifting and working out.  It also made driving long distances very difficult. Two months later my pain was gone and my mobility returned.  I began bringing my daughter in for chiropractic care and she showed improvement in the areas of flexibility, vision, and has become more outgoing and alert – It’s Amazing! Chiropractic works for a variety of conditions.  While my back appears to be standard chiropractic, my daughter’s care seems to be helping her vision, flexibility, and ability to learn.”


“On August 21, 1999 I came directly from the hospital to Dr. Staker’s office. For the previous ten days I had been in the hospital for neck pain.  The pain went down my left arm and all the way into my hand, I had tingling and numbness in my thumb and two of my fingers. At first I saw an Internist for this condition. His treatment for me was pain pills, muscle relaxers, and steroid injections. He referred me to a neurologist and neurosurgeon. Neither one could help other than continuing to give me medications. Dr. Staker told me exactly what was causing the pain and that relief was possible through regular adjustments.  Since the first two treatments, I have never experienced extreme pain.  For a while, I saw him three times a week. Then I slowly went from two times a week to weekly and finally biweekly.    Both my husband and I see Dr. Staker monthly and are pain free.”

“If I had not seen Dr. Staker, I may have become addicted to pain medications. I came to him straight from the hospital doped up and in pain.  I went home without any pain.”


“I started having neck and lower back pain stemming from an automobile accident in 1987.  After the accident I started seeing a chiropractor in Missouri.  That method was to apply a heat lamp close to the area of pain and to massage the areas that were strained.  There really wasn’t any progress because there wasn’t any real “treatment” going on until I came to Dr. Staker two months later. My mother brought me to Dr. Staker who gave me a complete exam and x-rays.  Dr. Staker was able to detect the problem areas and was able to give me an adjustment the same day.  At first I came in 3 times a week and now I come in approximately once every  2-3 months — mainly just to become properly aligned.  I literally was a “mess” when I started with Dr. Staker and was very skeptical about Chiropractic – but I was willing to try.  I was amazed after one treatment that the sharp stabbing pain was gone.  Of course, extensive treatments were necessary and after a year, I was able to know when it was time for an adjustment.”

“I have been completely sold on Dr. Staker’s knowledge and capabilities since day one.  It completely changed my opinion of chiropractic.  I have never considered going to another chiropractor since coming to Dr. Staker.  I know he’s the best and his staff is as professional as he.  Dr. Staker is determined to help and I have always admired his humility and deep concern for his patients.”

Karen , Chicago

“I’ve had low back pain from an injury and stress and also pain originating from my neck down my right arm for some years before seeing Dr. Staker.  Medical doctors I saw in the past prescribed ibuprofen and advised rest and lack of lifting.  The pain subsided but always returned sooner or later. I started seeing Dr. Staker in 1994 he did more for my back by his treatments than anything has before.  My back now has the “anatomical curves” nature intended.  The excruciating pain I’ve experienced has been relieved by his professional methods.  I feel Dr. Staker is among the most professional holistic health conscious individuals I’ve come in contact with. I advise anyone with back pain to cast away their fears and give chiropractic medicine a try. Everyone should be given a chiropractic physical periodically.”



BStrong4Life Testimonials

  “Prior to becoming a BStrong4Life patient  I was very weak, at times I would almost fall into furniture as I moved about the house. I would have to hold onto something to pull myself up from a sitting position. In       addition, I was unable to do any kind of heavy work by myself. Since I have been doing BStrong4Life (3 years) I feel stronger than I felt 20 years ago. I am most pleased that the leg and hip pain that I had experienced  for the last twenty years is totally gone. I would recommend the BStrong4Life program because of the success I have had with it.”

Charles (76 y/o), St. Charles

  “I was having issues with sciatica, low back pain, and knee pain when I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Staker’s office. These health issues interfered with my ability to do my own housework and I could not even go for walks. I am extremely pleased with all my results. I have no words for my progress except it has been WONDERFUL. I can do my own housework again, walk up steps so much easier, and FINALLY go for long walks. My advice to anyone interested is to JUST GO.  I will never stop. It (BStrong4Life program) has improved my overall health so much.”

Sherry (64 y/o), St. Charles

  “Discomfort in my hip area, especially when I was getting out of bed, was what initially brought me to Staker Chiropractic and BStrong4Life center. Because of my issues with my hip, bending and walking activites were difficult. Since I have been working on the BStrong4Life equipment, I would say the discomfort has nearly been eliminated.  I have been very pleased with all the encouragement and positive attitude from both Dr. Stakers. It has been most helpful in the course of my BStrong4Life work. I recommend BStrong4Life and suggest that any family member or friend who is curious about BStrong4Life should definitely try it. In addition, I very much enjoy the courtesy and receptive attitude of the employees.”

Gunnar (84 y/o), Huntley

  ” I was having a variety of problems that finally brought me to Staker Chiropractic. I was experiencing loss of balance and fatigue. My legs felt very weak. I could no longer ride my bike. I felt sleepy every afternoon. Since I’ve started the BStrong4Life program, I am sleeping much better and I am awake all day. In addition, last week I was able to ride my bike for 2 miles. I feel so good, so vibrant, and really alive. When people ask me about BStrong4Life I say you need to try one month of BStrong4Life. You owe it to yourself. I am very pleased that the people that work with me are GREAT!”

Robert (73 y/o) Geneva

“It’s so great to share good news. I started in June 2014 with BStrong4Life because I was concerned about my osteoporosis and the continuing bone loss that each Dexa scan revealed. I had a bone scan this past week (December 2014) and the results were an early holiday gift! After 6 months, the spine showed a 9% increase in density and the hip was the same as the previous level (so, at least a stable condition.) Dr. Staker, thank you for all the work and effort you’ve put into your program. It really results in a life-changing situation. Your efforts are much appreciated.”

Mary H. (69 y/0) Big Rock



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