Vibration training builds bone in young men and women

I have posted quite a bit about whole body vibration training and the BStrong4Life system and its effects on building bone.  Most of the studies on this have been on older, specifically postmenopausal, women becuase they are at the greatest risk for developing osteoporosis. This study found that whole body vibration training builds bone in young men and women specifically college aged men and women, a group that we would not associate with having low bone mineral density. The researchers his upon the importance of their study early in the paper stating that maximizing peak bone mass early in life is a cost effective way to prevent osteoporosis. Here are the highlights.


  • 6 active men and 4 active women ages 18-22 in the test group, had vibration training
  • 1 active man and 13 active women ages 18-22 in the control group, no vibration training
  • Test group performed a series of exercises on a vibrating platform at 15-26 Hz for 20-30 minutes 3 times a week for 12 weeks
  • Control group was asked to continue their diet and exercise program
  • The vibration group had an average improvement of 2.9% in bone density at the lateral lumbar spine and 1.0% at the P-A lumbar spine
  • The control group had a decrease of 1.9% in bone density at the lateral lumbar spine and 0.9% at the P-A lumbar spine.
  • The authors conclude that  vibration training elicited a positive change in vertebral bone mineral density and by  increasing BMD in young adults, peak bone mass can be optimized and future risk for osteoporosis may be diminished.

This is a great study showing that an exercise program on a vibrating platform can build bone in even healthy and active young adults.  An interesting note, that the authors even point out, is in the study period the control group had a mild loss of bone density.  They were curious if binge drinking or a change in exercise habits from high school to college was to blame for the loss of bone density. It is rather neat that bone density can be improved in as little as 12 weeks. An important take away from this article is that strength training when we are young has the greatest impact on building bone density and reduces the likelihood of developing osteopenia or osteoporosis when we are older.  As it is in this study, strength training does not have to mean hours in the gym 6 days a week, it can be as simple as 20 minutes a day, once a week with BStrong4Life.

BStrong4Life is designed to maximize the use of the Power Plate vibrating platforms and adding to them with other innovative technologies.  As opposed to this study we set the vibration platforms primarily to 40Hz which some studies have shown to be far better than the lower frequencies used in this study. Adding to a program on the power plate by using the bioDensity isometric strength training unit and the reACT functional eccentric trainer allows us to see far better results than this study shows. Due to the nature of BStrong4Life we can see a far greater improvement in bone density with less time in the office per week. If you are looking to prevent or reverse osteoporosis, give us a call, we have the best tools available to deliver the results you need.

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